Saturday, June 30, 2012


As each of us come to terms with our own reality, we can often become swept away in delusion and face heartbreak and sorrow when life unfolds in ways that are not anticipated. Looking beyond clouded vision and putting things into proper perspective will help to uncover truth and facilitate change.  Freeing our heart and mind from the pain of a past situation will help unlock the door to possibility and change.

Pain and suffering can help build strength of character and shedding some tears can be good for the soul, but finding clarity, realizing the truth and cultivating inner peace will help to quickly mend the broken pieces that prevent us from being whole.  Looking on the bright side and putting things in a positive light can illuminate self inflicted darkness and help diffuse an ongoing cycle of pain and suffering that can result from dwelling on the negative and in the past.  When putting things into proper perspective, it’s easier to see beyond the thoughts and emotions that cloud our judgment and can positively influence the action we take in resolving a situation that has profoundly affected our life.

As our life experience unfolds we begin to realize that everything in life has a purpose and that life will unfold for better or worse with its own perfection.  The deeper the pain, the deeper the lesson learned as we move forward on a path that will ultimately lead us to spiritual abundance and inner peace. Becoming aware of the cyclical nature of life and recognizing life’s natural ebb and flow brings us to a place of understanding, and a knowing that everything will be alright and things happen for the best.  Out of darkness comes light and out of sorrow, joy is born.  Through understanding, we come to realize the truth that joy is within each of our hearts and can only unfold if we allow it to.  Discovering that joy lies within us is a key component to realizing contentment, abundance and joy. Grasping and searching for something that comes attached to expectation will quite often bring pain, disappointment and sorrow.  

Putting things into proper perspective and learning to live with an open heart and without expectation will lead you down the road to finding inner peace and harmony will help to resolve turmoil and inner conflict that can arise from false hope and disillusionment.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Means to an End
The practice of becoming mindful,open and receptive to change is only the beginning of the path that leads us to fulfilling, personal growth.  Connecting to your inner self and maintaining positive balance is a key component of developing awareness and getting in touch with your authentic self.  Learning to stand as a silent witness in our own lives enables us the opportunity to have a broad an objective prospective and helps to steer us in a direction that will be most suitable for our personal joy and happiness. 

Sharpening our intuitive senses allows us to develop clear insight to better co- create our reality and manifest the dreams that are in our hearts.  Finding joy and contentment in the stillness of the present moment can be mentally transforming and allows us to move past obstacles as well as self limiting beliefs and behaviors.  Confidence, determination and achievement will become apparent as we move past fear and allow our lives the freedom to flow in the direction of positive growth and change.

Living in the moment can sometimes be perceived as living on the edge with careless abandon.  But,when mindfulness is incorporated into the way we perceive our lives, uncertainty and fear are able to subside and courage and action take precedence.  Surrendering to the vulnerability of what’s in our heart takes courage.   We can ponder and analyze, dwell in the past or project into the future but surrendering to the present moment and becoming inspired into taking action will become the means to the end that will bring our dreams and wishes to fruition.   

Thursday, May 3, 2012


As we cultivate awareness, the path that we’re on seems to broaden and become more expansive.  Hope and possibility become more apparent as we gain insight into our life purpose.  Awakening to our life purpose is a rewarding aspect of opening our heart and letting the universe gently guide us in the right direction through our intuition. 

Increasing our awareness or expanding our consciousness allows us to see with clarity.  We learn to become a silent witness to our thoughts and behavior.  We begin to realize that we can transcend our thoughts and behavior and become an instrument of change in our own lives. 

As we become more aware, we can become more adept at transforming negative thought and readily dismiss fear and doubt .  Moving forward on the path of enlightenment is not without obstacles.  It takes mindfulness, dedication and patience to continually nurture our spiritual path. It requires a lot of self-examination and transformation.  Letting go of past pain and negative conditioning and beliefs can take time to fully release.  However, the reward of becoming free of the emotional barriers and allowing abundance to flow freely in your life is worth the effort and perseverance.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Allow Yourself to Dream

Allow yourself to dream. Let go of practical thought and get in touch with your creativity and imagination.  Connect with your heart.  Envision the life you desire.  Picture moments that brings you joy and lightens your heart.  Encourage your imagination to take flight.  Nurture your dreams, allow them to flow,grow and inspire you.

Examine yourself without judgment and appreciate who you are and cherish the dreams you hold in your heart.  Work on engaging your vision, turning your wishes into plans and begin living the reality of your choosing. Go wholeheartedly on your journey and don’t allow resistance to stand in your way.  The path ahead of you may seem unclear but it will unfold before you and lead the way to your destiny.   With purity of heart, the right direction will become apparent and the choices you make will support your growth. 

Embrace the challenge of making small changes and realize how well they will fit into the bigger picture.  Set small goals and execute them without haste and excuses. Larger goals can at times be overwhelming.  Celebrate each day and embrace the milestones that you’ve accomplished and allow your daily accomplishments to leadyou to your next set of goals.  Keep your vision intact and allow for human error.  If your dream is clear you will mange to stay on track and continue to move forward. Clarity of vision will turn you into a force to be reckoned with.  It will reflect in your personality, your ability to be driven, motivated and accomplished. Take the time to dream and realize your potential, and stop at nothing to become the essence of who you are.

Don’t settle for less. Forge fearlessly into the future with confidence, strength, power and knowing.  Have faith in the unknown.  Exercise patience and free your mind of worry.  Allow the seeds of your wishes to grow and thrive.  Don’t allow fear and worry to lead you down the wrong path and allow you to deviate from your true calling.  Trust in your insights and allow yourself to become passionate and genuine in your motivation.  Challenge yourself to grow and create happiness in your life.  Allow the abundance of non material rewards to satisfy your soul and become your inspiration.  Keep your dreams alive and always remember that dreams can come true.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Letting Go

There are times when life seems to move along briskly and others times when we feel that our lives are kind of stuck in a holding pattern.  It very well may be that negative thoughts, feelings and self-defeating patterns of behavior are standing in the way of our happiness and success.  It could just be the perfect time to lighten up and let go of extra emotional baggage that could be weighing you down.

One of the most common places to start is to evaluate what pain or grudges you may be carrying around from the past. After careful thought and consideration, it’s hard to rationalize any explanation for carrying around a burden that  should no longer be on our shoulders. While there are valuable lessons to be learned and wisdom to be gained from where we’ve been; holding onto negative feelings, thoughts and emotions can only serve to be detrimental, and a stumbling block to freeing ourselves and moving forward. It’s important that we work through our life experiences with resolve and process them as efficiently as possible as we live and learn.  However, it’s just not healthy to allow it to take up space and stand in the way of our happiness and abundance.

  As every season changes we need to till our own gardens, renew our faith and establish a new perception and perspective as we heal our wounds and grow inherently wiser over time and through our experiences. The validity of what once happened and how it affected our life is important and it enhances our strength of character and can also provide conviction and momentum to make a fresh start as long as we process the emotions and let it go.

Becoming mindful, and learning to witness our thoughts and behaviors can be beneficial in identifying which of our behavior patterns are working against us. This glimpse of awareness helps us identify, with clarity, the areas in our lives where we can benefit from making a conscious effort in order to initiate change.  Changing our way of thinking and establishing a new perspective can alleviate the weight from unnecessary burdens that we may have subconsciously carried with us for way too long.  Sooner or later, it’s critical that we realize the importance of letting go, and as we let go we create space in our hearts and our lives for new experiences.

Allow yourself to blaze a new trail, and follow your heart where it takes you.  Lead yourself down a new road and little by little begin to shape your destiny to reflect the life that you want to live. Self-realization and awareness will provide you with strength of character, and power to make the right choices and rise above negative thoughts and limiting behavior patterns.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Realm of Possibility

Deep in the heart of everyone, there’s a dream.  It may sometimes be difficult to see our dreams clearly.  And for most of us, it takes time to recognize just what is that you would like to achieve in  life.  It might simply be about finding serenity and unfolding a path to bring you there; or it could be a grand aspiration.  Getting in touch with our passion and our purpose can inspire us to create change and reveal a new way of life.  Getting to the point of knowing what it is that you want from life can be difficult to ascertain.  Breaking through and identifying life goals is a powerful way of cultivating positive change.

Engaging in a quest for truth and enlightenment can be overwhelming in and of itself.  The practice of meditation can help to alleviate the complexity of life’s mysteries by quieting the mind and enabling the intuitive self to guide us in the right direction.  Finding the right direction in life may require time and patience as we gradually uncover the truth within our heart and discover our calling in life.

As we all know, one thing always leads to another and when one door shuts another opens.  As you are able to find clarity and can focus specifically on what is in your realm of possibility, circumstance begins to align with the energy of your wishes and aspirations.  The right people can appear and the right doors seem to swing open when you become aligned with your higher purpose.

Wherever you are on the path of self-realization, you can set goals and begin to take action as you move forward on your journey.  Taking time out of your daily routine to reflect on your personal goals is a good strategy to gain clarity and momentum in making an unwavering decision to move forward in your life with dedication and determination.

Journaling can be a good form of self-expression and can help in the process of achieving clarity.  Writing things down seems to help turn our thoughts into a reality. Once we see our thoughts on paper, it somehow becomes real.  Once we make the decision to accept our goals as our reality, we gain energy and momentum that can propel us to accomplish what we set out to achieve.

What truly lies in our realm of possibility remains to be seen. Our determination, persistence, and ability to overcome obstacles with perseverance will accelerate our ability to manifest our hopes and dreams.  Making it to our final destination of realizing our highest hopes and dreams may be not be instantly attainable.  Life usually unfolds gradually, exposing bits and pieces to the puzzle that will fit perfectly into our lives in the present moment.  But perseverance is about keeping your dream alive and making course corrections when necessary and getting back on track.  Finding gratitude for what is, at this very moment, can create a nurturing inner environment of peace, harmony and abundance that can illuminate your life, fill your heart and inspire you to shine!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Transformation

Spring is in the air!  The warm spring breeze seems to whisper the secrets for transforming our lives and realizing our full potential. The expansive nature of spring is conducive to connecting with our heart’s desire and inspiring our creative potential.
When we look out into the spring garden we can envision potential beauty.  A barren landscape can be transformed into an awe-inspiring garden. Clearing the garden of old growth and preparing the soil for new life will contribute to a thriving garden. Trees can be pruned to promote strong new growth by removing limbs that will impede the health and beauty of the tree.  Similarly, it’s important for us to clear out the past, and create space for new life experiences. 

Spring Cleaning of our homes; spring cleansing of our bodies, and clearing mental clutter will help contribute to clarity and enhanced vital energy.  It’s a good time to reflect on negative patterns of behavior with a new perspective and make a plan to renew our commitment to positive change and self-improvement.  Let the energy of spring lend its qualities of enthusiasm and inspiration; let it penetrate your heart and mind and allow your heart’s desire to surface and become apparent. 

Let go of negative self-talk, take responsibility and embrace  self-created challenges with determination and persistence.  Nourish and nurture your mind and body so that you can become resilient and can better persevere on your journey of connecting with your authentic self and realizing your dreams.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Into Action

There’s no time that reminds us more of the cyclical nature of life than springtime.  As the natural world begins to show signs of new life, we can also experience renewal within our own life.  Spring is great time to spring into action, turn over a new leaf, strengthen our convictions, let go of fear and move forward. 

As we shed the layers of winter clothing, we should also let go of the weight of the should have’s and could have’s, and go for it.  Let go of the perfect plan, the perfect time and place and just own the moment of a new beginning.  Taking the first step is sometimes the hardest step to take but it is an important one.  Taking that first step requires finding courage, and putting aside fear in an attempt to do what’s right on your journey of growth and self-fulfillment.

We are the Master of our own destiny and captain of our own ship. We are in charge of navigating through to our desired destination.  There’s only so much that we can plan, prepare and anticipate.  At some point we need to take the leap into the unknown.  Taking a leap of faith is essentially courage and determination that is used to overcome obstacles and breakthrough to finding success through accomplishment and achievement that may ultimately reflect as joy in our lives. 

Goals and aspirations are different for everyone.  What’s important to one person may not be as important to someone else.  If we look into our hearts and give our true creative nature the chance for self-expression and the opportunity to find joy in the simple things, it will help support us in our personal quest of being true to ourselves and being the best we can be.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Spiritual Side of Success

It's not uncommon that so many of us find ourselves struggling to obtain success.  For some, it seems to come effortlessly and abundantly.  Chances are, it's not a magic bullet but a shift in consciousness that paves the way for success. 

Freeing your mind and opening your heart is a powerful combination that bridges the gap of separation and brings wholeness, clarity and connection to spirit.   It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind we know as life, and find oursleves continually stuck in between a rock and a hard place.  But we fight the good fight, pick ourselves up again and again and we try our best to overcome difficulty and rise above seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Could it be our perspective?  Can the way we view life change everything?  Achieving success requires a lot more than just viewing life through rose colored glasses.  Finding success stems from a belief and knowing in your heart.  A knowledge that has faith in the unknown and unspoken and a reverence for true beauty in silence and the power of spiritual connection and wisdom.