Saturday, April 21, 2012

Letting Go

There are times when life seems to move along briskly and others times when we feel that our lives are kind of stuck in a holding pattern.  It very well may be that negative thoughts, feelings and self-defeating patterns of behavior are standing in the way of our happiness and success.  It could just be the perfect time to lighten up and let go of extra emotional baggage that could be weighing you down.

One of the most common places to start is to evaluate what pain or grudges you may be carrying around from the past. After careful thought and consideration, it’s hard to rationalize any explanation for carrying around a burden that  should no longer be on our shoulders. While there are valuable lessons to be learned and wisdom to be gained from where we’ve been; holding onto negative feelings, thoughts and emotions can only serve to be detrimental, and a stumbling block to freeing ourselves and moving forward. It’s important that we work through our life experiences with resolve and process them as efficiently as possible as we live and learn.  However, it’s just not healthy to allow it to take up space and stand in the way of our happiness and abundance.

  As every season changes we need to till our own gardens, renew our faith and establish a new perception and perspective as we heal our wounds and grow inherently wiser over time and through our experiences. The validity of what once happened and how it affected our life is important and it enhances our strength of character and can also provide conviction and momentum to make a fresh start as long as we process the emotions and let it go.

Becoming mindful, and learning to witness our thoughts and behaviors can be beneficial in identifying which of our behavior patterns are working against us. This glimpse of awareness helps us identify, with clarity, the areas in our lives where we can benefit from making a conscious effort in order to initiate change.  Changing our way of thinking and establishing a new perspective can alleviate the weight from unnecessary burdens that we may have subconsciously carried with us for way too long.  Sooner or later, it’s critical that we realize the importance of letting go, and as we let go we create space in our hearts and our lives for new experiences.

Allow yourself to blaze a new trail, and follow your heart where it takes you.  Lead yourself down a new road and little by little begin to shape your destiny to reflect the life that you want to live. Self-realization and awareness will provide you with strength of character, and power to make the right choices and rise above negative thoughts and limiting behavior patterns.

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