Thursday, May 3, 2012


As we cultivate awareness, the path that we’re on seems to broaden and become more expansive.  Hope and possibility become more apparent as we gain insight into our life purpose.  Awakening to our life purpose is a rewarding aspect of opening our heart and letting the universe gently guide us in the right direction through our intuition. 

Increasing our awareness or expanding our consciousness allows us to see with clarity.  We learn to become a silent witness to our thoughts and behavior.  We begin to realize that we can transcend our thoughts and behavior and become an instrument of change in our own lives. 

As we become more aware, we can become more adept at transforming negative thought and readily dismiss fear and doubt .  Moving forward on the path of enlightenment is not without obstacles.  It takes mindfulness, dedication and patience to continually nurture our spiritual path. It requires a lot of self-examination and transformation.  Letting go of past pain and negative conditioning and beliefs can take time to fully release.  However, the reward of becoming free of the emotional barriers and allowing abundance to flow freely in your life is worth the effort and perseverance.

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