Friday, April 13, 2012

The Realm of Possibility

Deep in the heart of everyone, there’s a dream.  It may sometimes be difficult to see our dreams clearly.  And for most of us, it takes time to recognize just what is that you would like to achieve in  life.  It might simply be about finding serenity and unfolding a path to bring you there; or it could be a grand aspiration.  Getting in touch with our passion and our purpose can inspire us to create change and reveal a new way of life.  Getting to the point of knowing what it is that you want from life can be difficult to ascertain.  Breaking through and identifying life goals is a powerful way of cultivating positive change.

Engaging in a quest for truth and enlightenment can be overwhelming in and of itself.  The practice of meditation can help to alleviate the complexity of life’s mysteries by quieting the mind and enabling the intuitive self to guide us in the right direction.  Finding the right direction in life may require time and patience as we gradually uncover the truth within our heart and discover our calling in life.

As we all know, one thing always leads to another and when one door shuts another opens.  As you are able to find clarity and can focus specifically on what is in your realm of possibility, circumstance begins to align with the energy of your wishes and aspirations.  The right people can appear and the right doors seem to swing open when you become aligned with your higher purpose.

Wherever you are on the path of self-realization, you can set goals and begin to take action as you move forward on your journey.  Taking time out of your daily routine to reflect on your personal goals is a good strategy to gain clarity and momentum in making an unwavering decision to move forward in your life with dedication and determination.

Journaling can be a good form of self-expression and can help in the process of achieving clarity.  Writing things down seems to help turn our thoughts into a reality. Once we see our thoughts on paper, it somehow becomes real.  Once we make the decision to accept our goals as our reality, we gain energy and momentum that can propel us to accomplish what we set out to achieve.

What truly lies in our realm of possibility remains to be seen. Our determination, persistence, and ability to overcome obstacles with perseverance will accelerate our ability to manifest our hopes and dreams.  Making it to our final destination of realizing our highest hopes and dreams may be not be instantly attainable.  Life usually unfolds gradually, exposing bits and pieces to the puzzle that will fit perfectly into our lives in the present moment.  But perseverance is about keeping your dream alive and making course corrections when necessary and getting back on track.  Finding gratitude for what is, at this very moment, can create a nurturing inner environment of peace, harmony and abundance that can illuminate your life, fill your heart and inspire you to shine!

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