Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Means to an End
The practice of becoming mindful,open and receptive to change is only the beginning of the path that leads us to fulfilling, personal growth.  Connecting to your inner self and maintaining positive balance is a key component of developing awareness and getting in touch with your authentic self.  Learning to stand as a silent witness in our own lives enables us the opportunity to have a broad an objective prospective and helps to steer us in a direction that will be most suitable for our personal joy and happiness. 

Sharpening our intuitive senses allows us to develop clear insight to better co- create our reality and manifest the dreams that are in our hearts.  Finding joy and contentment in the stillness of the present moment can be mentally transforming and allows us to move past obstacles as well as self limiting beliefs and behaviors.  Confidence, determination and achievement will become apparent as we move past fear and allow our lives the freedom to flow in the direction of positive growth and change.

Living in the moment can sometimes be perceived as living on the edge with careless abandon.  But,when mindfulness is incorporated into the way we perceive our lives, uncertainty and fear are able to subside and courage and action take precedence.  Surrendering to the vulnerability of what’s in our heart takes courage.   We can ponder and analyze, dwell in the past or project into the future but surrendering to the present moment and becoming inspired into taking action will become the means to the end that will bring our dreams and wishes to fruition.   

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