Saturday, June 30, 2012


As each of us come to terms with our own reality, we can often become swept away in delusion and face heartbreak and sorrow when life unfolds in ways that are not anticipated. Looking beyond clouded vision and putting things into proper perspective will help to uncover truth and facilitate change.  Freeing our heart and mind from the pain of a past situation will help unlock the door to possibility and change.

Pain and suffering can help build strength of character and shedding some tears can be good for the soul, but finding clarity, realizing the truth and cultivating inner peace will help to quickly mend the broken pieces that prevent us from being whole.  Looking on the bright side and putting things in a positive light can illuminate self inflicted darkness and help diffuse an ongoing cycle of pain and suffering that can result from dwelling on the negative and in the past.  When putting things into proper perspective, it’s easier to see beyond the thoughts and emotions that cloud our judgment and can positively influence the action we take in resolving a situation that has profoundly affected our life.

As our life experience unfolds we begin to realize that everything in life has a purpose and that life will unfold for better or worse with its own perfection.  The deeper the pain, the deeper the lesson learned as we move forward on a path that will ultimately lead us to spiritual abundance and inner peace. Becoming aware of the cyclical nature of life and recognizing life’s natural ebb and flow brings us to a place of understanding, and a knowing that everything will be alright and things happen for the best.  Out of darkness comes light and out of sorrow, joy is born.  Through understanding, we come to realize the truth that joy is within each of our hearts and can only unfold if we allow it to.  Discovering that joy lies within us is a key component to realizing contentment, abundance and joy. Grasping and searching for something that comes attached to expectation will quite often bring pain, disappointment and sorrow.  

Putting things into proper perspective and learning to live with an open heart and without expectation will lead you down the road to finding inner peace and harmony will help to resolve turmoil and inner conflict that can arise from false hope and disillusionment.

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